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The Center aims at promoting research on topics that cross different areas: logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, history of the logical-scientific thought, natural language processing, reasoning, artificial vision, psychology of thought, psychology of cognitive and sensory-motor processes, cognitive neuroscience.

For further informations: LLC

The CIRMA is an interdepartmental center of the University of Turin involving teachers and researchers in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Humanities.
The CIRMA participates in projects large and small scale, nationally and internationally , and is funded by national and European funds. Among its activities are interactive installations, digital performanece, documentation templates for contemporary art, formal representation for live shows, 3D interfaces for complex environments.

For further informations: CIRMA

The Inter-departmental research center ICxT (ICT and Innovation for the Society and the Territory) is a multidisciplinary research centre created thanks to 5 Departments cooperation : Computer Science, Sociology, Law, Psychology, Economics and Management.
The center develops innovative project using different approaches: multidisciplinary design thinking and lean methodology approach based on important tools useful to decrease the innovation risk and discover opportunities, develop the ideas and strucutre the product/service/process or innovative model.

For further informations: ICxT

University of Torino

The GPU Research Center at University of Torino (UniTo) was established to support a variety of research activities employing the CUDA technology.

For further informations: GPU Research Center


For further informations: CNIT

For further informations: CINI

For further informations: MPAI community

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