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ICT and Innovation for the Society and the Territory (ICxT)


The Inter-departmental research canter ICxT (ICT and Innovation for the Society and the Territory) is a multidisciplinary research centre created thanks to 5 Departments cooperation : Computer Science, Sociology, Law, Psychology, Economics and Management.
The center develops innovative project using different approaches: multidisciplinary design thinking and lean methodology approach based on important tools useful to decrease the innovation risk and discover opportunities, develop the ideas and strucutre the product/service/process or innovative model.

The ICXT is structured in 5 laboratories on Smart Personal Technology, Energy lab, Food lab, Factory Lab, Smart Society.
Laboratories share the Crafting lab and Contamination lab:

  • Crafting lab is a laboratory where the minimum vaiable products are created through additive manufacturing
  • Contamination lab supports the share and contamination of capabilities knowledge and best practices between organizations and university

The objectives of ICxT are:

  • Researching and developing projects in collaboration with Sme, Companies, Universities and other institution of the territory
  • Developing new competences and capabilities


Mail: icxt [at]
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