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Centre for Research on Multimediality and Audiovideo (CIRMA)


The CIRMA s an interdepartmental center of the University of Turin involving teachers and researchers in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Humanities.

The CIRMA promotes theoretical and applied research on the modeling of creative multimedia content, including the development of installations and applications in a broad sense, particularly with regard to:

  • semantic description of the digital item by computational ontologies
  • semantic based analysis and annotation of dramatic items
  • real time audio synthesis for the sound design, interfaces with audio libraries
  • intelligent and targeted distribution of digital creative content
  • multimedia installations offline and online in real public contexts
  • techniques for automatic data visualization
  • definition of languages for writing / control of performance and installations.

The CIRMA participates in projects large and small scale, nationally and internationally , and is funded by national and European funds. Among its activities are interactive installations, digital performanece, documentation templates for contemporary art, formal representation for live shows, 3D interfaces for complex environments.


Mail: info.cirma [at]
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